Clowns R Us  and  Family Outreach, Inc.

Clowns R Us
Phone: (845)-380-8799
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191 Bedell Avenue
Highland, NY12528

Clowns R Us is a business that was founded by Gary and Carol Jackson in 2010.

We started the Family Outreach Inc. (a Non-Profit Organization) in 1995. Its purpose was to reach out to communities in our area. We’ve accomplished this by opening a food pantry and we’ve also had a dance troupe that performed in Nursing Homes. We’ve also done pet therapy and we have participated in various community events, as well as being involved in and supporting humanitarian projects overseas, both in Mexico and in South Africa.

Our goal is to reach the world with love, God’s love. We have supported and still support these projects thru fundraising. We chose “clowning” as a fun way to raise money. Through the many “fun-raisers” we were involved in we became more and more professional and were able to start our own business, while still keeping our goal.